A Not So Good Boat Trip

One Summer day, me and my family went on a boating trip on the ocean to go fishing.

Me and my dad were paddling, and my mom was teaching my sister how to fish.

My sister caught something.  She pulled and pulled with all her might. Then it popped out of the water and had two fish on it!

Things were going crazy. Everything was out of hand. Then, things got really crazy when I saw a shark fin.

I screamed, “Shark!” Then we paddled for our lives.

When we got back to the dock, we had a panic. When the shark was gone, we went back out on the sea.

This time, my dad was only paddling.

My hand was in the water and I felt something rough, so I pulled it out and was a giant clam. It was huge, so I threw it back in the water.

It was such a long trip.

Posted: Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 @ 12:01 am
Categories: Artwork, Story.
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2 Responses to “A Not So Good Boat Trip”

  1. Jeff Says:

    My kids and I are loving your stories and artwork. We can’t wait to see what is coming next.

  2. Lightsabersaurus Says:

    Thanks. I love your comment.

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